Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland


This image of Our Lady of Emmitsburg is from a drawing by Peter Bianchi who is a retired and noted National Geographic artist. It is the result of ten months of consultation with Gianna Talone-Sullivan, the seer who receives the apparition of Our Blessed Mother in Emmitsburg, Maryland USA. Gianna has said that this image is as close to what she has been privileged to see during the past eight years as any artist could render.

This picture is copyrighted and is owned by Peter Bianchi. This electronic version may be freely distributed for personal use.

This electronic version of Our Lady of Emmitsburg requires a video display resolution of at least 800x600 and color depth of at least 256 colors for proper viewing.

The originl drawing of Our Lady of Emmitsburg will be printed in the 5th volume of the "I Am Your Jesus of Mercy" by Queenship Publishing. It should be available July 1996.

Listen to your heavenly Mother - conversion of heart, receive the sacraments often, pray the rosary daily, persevere.

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