Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland


Our Lady's Message of October 22, 1998

through Gianna Talone Sullivan
Message 220

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

In the midst of pain, suffering, crime and world confusion, God still attends to your most private needs.
Every aspect of your life is important to Him.
You are not forgotten.

Jesus desires your life to be filled with many joys and an everlasting peace.
There is nothing He cannot or will not handle for you.
You are children of God and heirs to His Kingdom.
Please trust in Him and lovingly work to form a world of unity as you are faced with challenges day by day.
He wants you to live a realistic life accepting the truths about yourself and lovingly accepting the truths of others.

Dispel the fallacies which can cause distortions to the truths to human relationships by having an understanding and forgiving heart.
Dispel the negative forces of hatred, cruelty, spitefulness and disrespect for others by seeking the power of love.
The power of love will destroy the forces which seek to tear down and will reshape the world.
Jesus recognizes you as a beautiful person who is equal and capable of loving, and He needs you.
You are valuable in His eyes.
You can reshape a world of pain into a world of morality and love.

I bless you, little children, in the name of Jesus.
Your life is precious to God.
He is very close to you and hears your pleas.
Peace to you.
I take your petitions to the Father.

Thank you for responding to my call.

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