Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland


Our Lady's Message of February 26, 1998

through Gianna Talone Sullivan
Message 194

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
There are few things that hurt as much as those things that affect the heart which needs love.
There are many times you are saddened or disappointed from the lack of expression of love.
It is necessary that an intimacy and partnership of love be developed with Jesus.
Jesus loves you so much that He carried His love for you unto death.
His love and mercy are endless.
When you are treated poorly, little children, perhaps you need to examine your actions and attitude to see if that is how you yourself are treating Jesus.
Where is your heart and love for Jesus?
Are you in union with His love for you?
Are you disappointed because your love and the giving of yourself is not returned?
Are you measuring your offerings of yourself and sacrifices to those of others?
Those who love unconditionally suffer much.
Jesus suffered tremendously because His love was hardly returned.
There has never been a love more abused than that of My Son's, who even took on your sins because of His love for you.
The sword that pierces the heart for sake of love is painful indeed.
No servant is greater than his Master.
Difficulty arises when pride prevents you to humble yourself to the submission of love.
To give yourself in union with Jesus comes from being in a state of grace.
You cannot give of yourself unless you love and serve in union with Him, or it will become apparent that your love is merely superficial and of human origin.
Your love must be of Jesus.
You cannot give hope and life to someone without giving totally of yourself, as Jesus, in union with Him.
The seed must fall to the ground and die if it is to bear fruit.
My Son has done this for you.
Perhaps you need to see how your own disappointments have failed Him in your own love for Him.
I love you, little children, and I desire you to be filled with the true bouquet of love.
I bless you in the name of Jesus, your faithful lover.
Peace to you.
Thank you for responding to My call.

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