Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland


Our Lady's Message of August 1, 1996

through Gianna Talone Sullivan
Message 123

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Little ones, God's love is endless and He is merciful.
I do not desire you to be fearful children.
God wants you all to be filled with joy and to be carefree children in His love.
There is too much emphasis placed on futuristic events.
Do not be consumed with events to unfold in the future.
Focus on God and trust in Him.
Be confident in His love.
At all times give glory and honor to God.
All your works, actions and thoughts must be for the glory of God.
If you focus on messages that instill fear you cannot focus on God's mercy and love.
I have said that time is no longer on your side.
This is true because of the continuous acts against God's mercy.
This, however, is not to instill fear.
I have said these words in order for you, little children, to begin now to allow God to mold you into His goodness through a conscious act on your part.
These words were not spoken to frighten you or for you to purchase items for safety or survival.
Look to God and pray.
He is your safe refuge.
Receive the sacraments and have fidelity to Him.
You must make a sincere effort to change, to be loving, to be like Him.
I love you little ones.
Jesus loves you.
The covenant of the two hearts is always with you.
I bless you in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for responding to My call.

(Our Lady wanted everyone to know that as She speaks privately to me (Gianna) She also addresses the needs of everyone's soul and speaks to them even though they may not see or hear Her.)

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