Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland

The Rock

Our Lady's Message of May 2, 1996

through Gianna Talone Sullivan
Message 112

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Little ones, I desire all of you to truly grasp the meaning of My words when I say Jesus is merciful and is your Savior.
Jesus is the second person of the Holy Trinity.
He is your God.
He is united in oneness with the Father.
He is your salvation and through His mercy justice shall unfold.
Through His mercy all people will be purified.
Trust in Him with all your heart, mind and strength.
Hope in Him.
I am sad to say that My messages are diminishing in the hearts of many of My children.
Please listen to My words, I speak from heaven, and ponder the truth in your heart.
Time is soon at hand when great trials and tribulations will unfold through God's mercy.
It will seem endless.
There will be continual devastations and disasters naturally, humanly and spiritually which will pour out on the world until God is adored in His Sanctuary and His people purified.
Pray you will be able to persevere and endure the bowls of purification to be released soon by God's angels.
It will seem that evil has won the battle but My Immaculate Heart will triumph and will be victorious in the end.
I bless you, little children, in the name of Jesus.
Ponder the words of God's mercy.

Thank you for responding to My call.

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