Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland

The Rock

Our Lady's Message of April 11, 1996

through Gianna Talone Sullivan
Message 109

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Little children, it is so necessary that you return to God soon before it becomes any more difficult to change.
The longer people delay the colder the heart becomes, more and more like stone.
What is needed to return to God is to live by the virtues of love and dignity, not resentment, hatred or revenge.
Prayer, love and mercy chips away at a stony heart.
Little ones, God's love is unconditional and it is Jesus who bears gifts of love for you.
There are people who can be very cruel.
They lose sight of truth and reality when they choose their way above God's way.
Little ones, do not be blinded by the consumption to fulfill your quest.
This is not a stepping stone to unconditional love if in the process you become cruel in behavior through control and manipulation.
Make a decision to walk the path of love as My Son walked before you.
He loves you.
I invite all of you children to return to God.
You will gain peace and serenity of heart in His love.
I bless you in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for responding to My call.

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