Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland

The Rock

Our Lady's Message of February 22, 1996

Through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My Dear little children, praise be Jesus!
During this season take time to reflect on how you can be more merciful, loving and kind.
Little offerings to God are graciously received.
In times of difficulty, acts of patience, self composure and prayer will help you rise above whatever ailment stresses you.
Offer each sacrifice up to God with love.
Perservere as each circumstance arises each day.
Be patient with yourself and love yourself knowing that this too shall pass.
There is nothing in this world that lasts forever but in the next all remains.
There is joy, happiness and peace in eternal life.
Pray for tranquility of heart.
God is with you. God knows you and will help you.
There is a great deal of pain which afflicts many people in different forms for this is the way of the present world.
Yet those who hope in the joy of Jesus will rise to live in His joy.
Jesus will never abandon you. Be at Peace knowing He is with you.
Calm your anxieties through love and acceptance of yourself and meet each frustrating circumstance with an open heart.
See each element of your life's experience as an opportunity to grow in love and humility. You will master your difficulties through a resigned and contrite heart.
I love you little children and desire you to grow in love and live in unity.
It is important that each of you work at striving to be patient and loving with yourself and with each other.
God graciously receives these little offerings of sacrifice and He will grace you in your efforts. Only God can grace you to grow in love and is pleased with your sincere effort.
I bless you little ones and take your petitions to Him who has sent Me to you.

Thank you for responding to My call. Thank you for responding to His call. AD DEUM.

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