Our Lady at Emmitsburg, Maryland

The Rock

Our Lady's Messages of:
November 3, 1993 through February 2, 1994

Through Gianna Talone Sullivan
Messages 1-11

November 3, 1993 (m1)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, I am your Lady of Joy.
I bring you tidings of love and peace.
My little, little children, love unconditionally.
Strive always to abandon yourself unconditionally to Jesus, so
that you will be able to love unconditionally.
Do not allow self-deceit to pull you away from My Son
Even when you think you are loving in purity as Jesus would
have you love, you can fall into loving according to your
love unconditionally
Love all.
It is very important that abandonment of yourself be a daily
offering to My Son, so that you can love in purity,
unconditionally, as Jesus would have you love.
It is in loving that you are united to the Triune God.
Bless you, My little ones.
Bless you in the name of Jesus.
Thank you for responding to My call
(Our Lady blessed everyone and prayed over everyone. She
took petitions of the heart in love tonight.)

November 10, 1993 (m2)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, remember I have said every prayer which is
from the heart is another rose which is given to My Son.
My little ones, pray with all your heart.
Do not only recite words, but sing with songs of praise,
every word through your heart.
My Son wants your heart, not your words
He wants your actions to speak your words
My Son loves you, My little ones.
I wish for all of you to know truly how present I am to you,
all of you.
My Son has gifted you to allow Me to be here with you in this
special way.
That is why I ask you to take seriously My calling.
Tonight I again speak words of unity and harmony.
It is time, My little ones, that you begin to live in unity.
There are far too many people living in ways of division and
unmerciful means through lack of kindness.
Please return back to God.
Pray with your heart and He will guide you how to live in
unity through loving.
Please, please, please love one another.
How can I give you new messages if you are not living these
existing ones?
I need you My little ones and I bless you in My Son's name.
Blessed be God.
Thank you for responding to My call.
(Our Lady was tearful tonight. When asked why, she said
there are too many leaders and not enough servants.)

November l7, 1993 (m3)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, I come to you as a gift from God in these
times of great need, in order that you will return back to
I have come so frequently because little is being paid in
attention to My messages.
My little ones, please heed My words.
I am calling you to great prayer and love and patience.
I desire to intercede for you to God, imploring His mercy.
My Son loves you, My little ones, and all focus should be on
Allow Me to help you pray and allow Me to intercede for
I ask you this night for your patience.
Take the pain of patience in the trouble of your brother
Remember, My little ones, that if you cannot he patient with
your own imperfections, how can you expect others to be
Bear with patience all tribulations of yourself and others
Focus on Jesus.
He loves you.
There is far too much expectations on men and this results in
impatience, bitterness and hatred
I love you, to teach to you what My Son has asked Me
I bless you My little ones and thank you for responding to My

November 24, 1993 (m4)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, do you realize that because of the current
condition of the world, if I were to come to you only one
time, no one would listen to My words of plea'
But because My Son loves you so unconditionally, He has
humbled Himself to allow Me to come to you in a very
present way, to help you and ask; your unconditional love ::.
As your mother, I ask you to humble yourself to My Son.
Go before Him in the Blessed Sacrament, smother Him with
love, in order that He will mitigate what is to come.
Do not ask Him to fulfill your personal needs.
He knows what you need for eternal happiness.
Simply love Him and praise Him, for He is your God
He is the Son of God.
You have all become too indifferent, failing to realize who is
your God.
Your mortal, human ways have caused division and scattered
destructiveness because of your desire to control.
I am now pleading with you in these last ;lays that I am
permitted to be here, to love Jesus and follow His ways,
outlined in the scripture.
Is there not one of you who will love My Son without
expecting consolation in return?
How can I help you, if, when He tests you, you will not allow
Me to be your Mediatrix of Grace?
Put aside your human desires and look to that which is divine.
I bless you, My little ones.
I love you and I am thanking you for taking seriously this call
to love.
Peace to you in the name of Jesus!
He is your God, whether you wish to acknowledge that or
The day will come that all will know the truth. Peace.
(This Message is requested by Our lady to be read to all.
Our Lady was very serious.)

December 1, 1993 (m5)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, pray that you will receive the grace to abandon
yourself unto God.
It is through abandonment that you become free and are
receptive to do God's will.
My Son loves you and it is through detachment from the
world and in being open to His way through obedience,
you can be at peace, to love and receive great graces.
My Son wishes to grace you with many virtues, but first the
vices of the flesh must be tempered.
My Son wishes for all to receive My virtues of patience, faith,
love, sweetness, wisdom, charity, humility, obedience and
hope and prayer.
I love you My little children and ask you to pray fervently to
Pray, be patient, pray and please love one another
Love as a decision and your heart will live out His love, if
you abandon yourself to My Son.
Bless you, My little ones, in the name of Jesus.
Thank you for responding to My call these days I have been
allowed to be here.

December 8, 1993 (m6)

My dear children, I am your Mother of the immaculate
I am your Mother of Joy.
Praise be Jesus!
Praise His Holy Name.
My little ones, you are all called to a life of purity.
A life free of sin.
A life filled with joy, happiness and peace.
Satan would like you to dwell on your sins.
He would like you to live in shame, guilt and be unforgiving
to yourselves and others.
In prayer you will realize that Jesus loves you and is calling
you not to sin, shame or guilt, but to freedom, joy, purity
and forgiveness.
Receive His love.
Utilize the sacrament of reconciliation and you will be like
newborn babes.
Seek to be pure, My little ones.
Pray, live in His faith and love one another unconditionally.
Jesus will grace you with purity if you desire this virtue.
I bless you, My little ones and ask you to pray for purity so
you will be free from the stain of sin and be whole and
Thank you, My little ones, for responding to My call.
A call to purity.
(Our Lady came with Baby Jesus. She was dressed in gold.)

December 15, 1993 (m7)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, please be calm.
Rest in My Son's sacred heart.
If you lift your head from His yoke, you will be wounded.
Focus on Him!
Jesus is your protection, love and intimate friend.
Blessed are those who are meek and mild of heart.
Simple, yet so consumed by the flame of His sacred heart,
you are all called to be blest by being meek and humble of
Focus on My Son. He will temper your vices with love.
Love will filter into your soul and consume your entire being.
My little ones, know I take your petitions to My Son.
I will always take your petitions and present you as a loving
mother would.
You will never be forgotten by Jesus.
Even if all forget you, Jesus will never forget you.
You are precious in His eyes and He desires you so
Tonight I bless you with the grace of meekness.
Thank you, My little ones.
I bless you in the name of My Son, who has allowed Me to be
here for you.
Thank you for responding to this call to meekness and
humbleness of heart. Peace.

December 22, 1993 (m8)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, how blest are you to know Jesus.
How blest you are that He in His infinite mercy and
countenance graces you with His divine love.
My little children, Jesus is your savior.
Do you not see interiorly how free you are because of the
newborn babe?
Remember always, My little children, that through Him you
can serve this world, all His children in need.
But without My Son, you cannot serve the world with love,
even though humanly you can serve.
Only through Jesus can you love and only through His love
can you truly serve those in need in this world.
I love you, My little children, and I give to you My greatest
treasure, My Son, My heart.
Take this precious gift and cultivate the love He has given to
you through loving one another.
Thank you, My little children, for your prayers.
Use this time of grace wisely, by always examining your
Always, they should be actions of love for others, yourself
and most importantly My Son.
Love Him first, above yourself and yourself for Him.
Then you can love others, and your actions will be fruitful in
His love.
Bless you in the name of Emmanuel, your God who is with
Thank you for your response to My call.
(Our Lady prayed over everyone, blessed everyone and
kissed me.)

January 19,1994 (m9)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, Jesus is your treasure.
Adore Him with all of your hearts.
Rest in Him, allowing Him to whisper words of love and
courage while you adore Him in the most blessed
How My Son has been waiting for you in the tabernacles of
the world.
He loves you so much.
You are very important to Him.
Tend to Him and rest in Him.
My little ones, as this grace period soon will end, it is very
important to focus on Jesus, love one another as a family
and support each other with ways of love.
If you lose your focus from distraction, you will become
I ask you to concentrate on your intimate relationship with
My Son and do not deviate from your love for Him.
He will protect you and He will be with you.
Focus on Jesus as these unusual events unfold.
Pray, pray, pray to not be tested and that you will never lose
sight of My Son.
Pray for peace, unity, harmony, purity and honesty.
I bless you, My little ones, in the name of Jesus.
Thank you for responding to My call.

January 26, 1994 (m10)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, I come to you in joy, but also in sadness.
Joy because God exists and He loves you.
You do not fully comprehend the depth of His love, but He
does love you. Each one of you.
But I come to you in sadness, because I have been allowed
to come here to plead with you that your hearts would
I have asked that you seek intimacy with My Son and to
make evident changes in your life that were not ways of
love and harmony.
I have tried to teach you and guide you in the ways of My
Son, pleading that you would not seek ways of power and
worldly goals, but that which is divine.
Many continue to take lightly My requests.
I wish with all My love to help you, but you, through your
free will, must desire this heavenly way.
Please, My little ones, My Son has not allowed Me to come
for little purpose.
Please take seriously My words.
Your eternal life depends on your heart's desire.
Where is Jesus in your life? Is He first ?
Pray to those who rest in peace (the Saints), for they know
the depth of My Son's love which you have not yet grasped.
Pray they intercede for you, that you may love as My Son.
Remember, My little ones, Jesus is mercy, but if you will not
accept His mercy, He will have no choice than to be a God
of justice.
I bless you and love you, My little ones.
Please do not ignore My plea for love and interior change
through God's grace.
Your life and your safety depends on securing eternal bliss.
Thank you for responding to My call.

February 2,1994 (m11)

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
My little ones, I bring you good news.
Jesus' love is everlasting and you can rest totally in Him.
Thanks be to God for His kindness and mercy which are
I hear your plea, My dear ones.
Know that even though there are many of you who struggle,
there is hope in My Son.
Do not be discouraged.
The good news is that you belong to God.
When you hope and trust in My Son, you can rest in peace
with confidence that love and mercy is yours for all
Inner conflict and struggles may unveil, but know God loves
you and wishes for you to rise to a level of wholeness.
Evil will be weeded out from the good.
You are all called to be pure and whole, to love.
There are many kinds of love, but I speak of a love of charity.
This love is kept for love of God and is supreme and
You may not fully comprehend His love, but I ask you to
rejoice in His love for you, because His love and mercy
I present you this night to My Son with love and as your
I ask you to focus on Him, love Him with all your hearts and
rejoice that His mercy endures forever.
Peace, My little ones. Thank you.
Know Our peace, love and support will always sustain you.
Thank you, little love, for responding to My Son's call and

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