August 7, 1997 (168)
Our Lady's Message through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, do not spend a lot of your energy trying to please people. Jesus takes note of every charitable and loving act you perform. Work to please Him. If you work for the glory of God, you will find that indifference or unpleasant behavior, words and gestures from others will not effect you.

Your virtues will become more pronounced and you will radiate with God's holiness.

Your works and endeavors for others will be fruitful and you will desire more and more to perform charitable acts of love.

So many people today complete charitable works in hopes of pleasing others. When they are not recognized with appreciation, their spirits become sorrowful.

But if they would realize that Jesus is very present to them and is taking note of their acts of charity and kindness, they would be elated with joy.

If you believe, children, that Jesus is really by your side, you would not seek acceptance from people or look for the comfort of human love but would work endlessly serving others out of love for Jesus.

Everything would be for My Son, not only your works, but your pleasures and your times of rest.

If you rest in Jesus, He will be your refreshment. You need to be guiding lights of love for people. In order for this to happen, you must be secure and mature in your own relationship with Jesus.

It is not possible to please everyone, but it is possible to please Jesus who is responsible for your eternal fate.

People have different opinions, thoughts, interpretations, and views, but God sees and knows the deepest incentives of your heart.

Jesus knows you and keeps record of every sincere act of kindness, charity and love. I take your petitions to My Son this night and I pray for your enlightenment. Do not be discouraged little children.

Be at peace. God is with you. Jesus will grasp your hand and help you ascend the mountain of His eternal love.

Thank you for responding to My call.

August 14, 1997
Our Lady's Message through Gianna Talone Sullivan

There was no message due to mass schedules for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

August 21, 1997 (169)
Our Lady's Message through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, strive with all of your hearts to follow the path of Jesus. His merciful heart overflows with love and compassion. He always did good to others. His kindness and goodness allowed people to love Him. He gave consolation to the sorrowful and to those in need. He was full of understanding, compassion and love. He was always kind, understanding and merciful towards his enemies. His goodness prevailed.

If you desire to be like Jesus, you must be merciful. Your hearts must be overflowing with mercy for Jesus to acknowledge you as His own. This is a time of confusion and there are many sorrowful people in need of love. There are many people filled with interior pain and there are many people filled with anger and disgust.

I pray you, little children, will be enlightened with God's truth and healed in My Son's merciful love. Put aside racing thoughts and ask Jesus to permeate your being with His merciful compassion and love. Ask Him for His divine assistance and grace that you might be an apostle of mercy, showing kindness and goodness to all people. Give consolation to those in need and be compassionate and understanding toward your enemies.

I love you, little children, and I bless you in the name of Jesus. I take your petitions to His Most Sacred Heart. Peace to you.

Thank you for responding to My call.

August 28, 1997 (170)
Our Lady's Message through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, look to Jesus for hope and enlightenment. He will answer your heartfelt questions. Jesus desires you to be stewards of His love and mercy. It is very important that you pray with all of your hearts and be spiritually bonded to His Most Sacred Heart.

There is a tremendous amount of evil today. The evil one would like you to be unfaithful. He would like you to lose your graces and be filled with tears, suffering, bitterness and misery. Clouds of evil are thickening and closing in around the church. The actual word of God is publicized as a piece of literature.

There is a movement to modernize the church. Those seeking religious life are being taught liberal theology in many places. There are many people being taught that the sacraments do not need to be valued and kept holy. This modernization places you in a very dangerous position.

There are many financial and liberal groups and even clergy who would like to see My beloved pope voluntarily resign his authority in hopes to gain a false freedom, unity and a modernized world. The obstacles preventing this false unity are current moral issues held in high esteem by My beloved pope such as abortion, sexuality and euthanasia. My beloved pope is a very spiritual, compassionate, intelligent and alert leader. Yet there are many people who are attempting to paint his character as a weak leader. Support your pope, My children, who has strived to lead people of all faiths on a pilgrimage towards love, unity and an intimacy with God.

I assure you, little children, that God will not let humanity perish. Jesus is your Redeemer despite your grave offenses. In the midst of this confusion My Immaculate Heart will triumph and Jesus will reign. Just when satan believes he has corrupted the rock of Peter and will be crowned with victory, will God then reveal the truth, gather His people and expose the many myths and fallacies which are deceiving you.

I love you, little children, and ask you to pray for enlightenment and prudence. You can victoriously march through these clouds of evil if you are safely hidden in the Covenant of Our Two Hearts.

Bless you, little ones, in the name of Jesus your Redeemer. Peace to you.

Thank you for responding to My call.

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