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    This page features inline skating information. You will find descriptions and pictures of inline skating trails and paths. Some of the descriptions will include critical reviews of the path as well as the park or location surrounding the trail. As this page grows, you will find information on good inline skating suppliers, manufacturers and we hope to post sales discounts and specials.

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    Travel Alternative Skate Shop

    By: John L. Shankland

    There is a cool skate shop/park in Indianapolis, IN called Travel Alternative Skate Shop (T.A. as it is more commonly known). They are in the midst of building an even bigger skate park than the previous one. They cater to both skateboards and inliners alike. Not much in the way of skate parts or accessories though. They offer about 4500 sq.ft. of skate area complete with 9-1/2 foot half pipe, quarter pipes of varios sizes, jump boxes and grind rails. Alot of this is still in the works at this writing. If you get in the Indianapolis area, skate by and try it out... you'll see me there.
    If you'd like to call them I list the phone number below:
    Travel Alternative Skate Shop
    2605 Bridgeview Way
    Indianapolis, IN 46220

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    St. Louis, Missouri Paths:

    Forest Park

    By: Richard D. Bucholz, MD, FACS

    Forest Park in St. Louis is one of the best paths around. Hills and valleys, turns and forest, its 6.2 miles is really great. Highly recommended.

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    Port St. Lucie Skating Paths:


    By: Noel Gilmore

    Go to the St. Lucie West Campus of Indian River Community College, continue down the dirt road about one half mile, and before you lies about 500 acres of a community development which had been planned and laid out 25 years ago by General Development, all paved but never built upon. Miles of asphalt roads, no traffic except for the odd hunter, Remote Control plane enthusiast or dog walker. So few people go there that even sex perverts don't bother 'cause there's no one to prey upon! It's heaven. One continuous 5 mile loop and miles of circuitous paths, not all skatable but most are. Bring your own water. Bring the dog!

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    Brooklin Banks, N.Y. Paths:

    Brooklin Banks

    By: RED DOGG

    It is the best place to skate. All the most famous skaters in the world go there including F.R.

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    Mt. Vernon, Va. Skating Paths:

    Washington and Old Dominion Bike Trail

    By: Brian Terell and Elizabeth Venson, Fairfax, VA.

    The Washington and Old Dominion Bike Trail runs from Purcellville, Va. to Mount Vernon, Va. The trail is paved with a high-quality asphalt and is relatively free of debris. It's usually about ten to twelve feet across on the average, so there's enough room to build up a good stride. The scenery is historic and beautiful - the trail runs across numerous bridges and past historic landmarks. The bikers are unusally considerate, and there are several water fountains and rest stops along the way. It's a great workout early morning, in the evening, or just whenever you feel the need to blade. If you're in the Washington - northern Virginia area, give it a try.

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    Ahwatukee, Az. Skating Paths:

    The Foothills

    By: Phil McCammon

    For the ultimate skate experience, 6 miles of virgin smooth ashphalt on a double lane road that has more skaters and cyclists than cars. Course runs due west with a couple of short steep climbs that will make your butt hard enough to crack walnuts.

    Course is located in Ahwatukee AZ (Sometimes referred to as The Foothills) Just south of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Directions: Take I-17 South to Chandler Blvd exit,(approx. 5 & 1/2 Miles south of the Supersition Freeway). Turn right on Chandler Blvd for approx. 2 miles to 40th St. Turn Right on 40th St for 1/2 mile to Pecos road (at the end of 40th St.) Park car on left, lace up skates, squat real low, push with your heels and have a blast.

    Road runs West 6 miles to a turnaround, can come back the same direction and hit the hills from a the opposite side. The entire area has several other roads to explore that will further challange your skating abilities.

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